Grand Opening 2006

Cutting the Tape Official OpeningFive years after the first idea for a community allotment with access for all was mooted and after a lot of hard work put in by volunteers – building raised beds,  pathways, a summerhouse, raising over £60,000 in funding and generally organising the project we reached our goal of a “Grand Official Opening”.

We felt the opening ceremony was so important to the profile of the project that we spent a whole year preparing for the occasion. We invited the Duke of Northumberland to attend and were quite surprised and really delighted at his acceptance.  The opening took place on 23 June 2006.

Duke meeting a volunteerThe occasion was very grand. We had a green ribbon attached to bows on the massive double black and silver iron gates for the Duke to cut with a ceremonial pair of shears.

This was followed by a tour of the site and the opportunity to meet various volunteers, including those involved in the building work, and some of the funders.

Then the Duke was presented with a rose fashioned in iron inlaid with copper, representing the Prudhoe Peach Rose which is our Prudhoe emblem. Finally everyone enjoyed the buffet laid on by the members.