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The idea behind Prudhoe Community Allotment project came in April 2000 when one of the Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association committee members suggested we should have “Access to All” on some of our allotments. This would cater not only for the elderly and less mobile allotment gardeners but would also include all those previously prevented from allotment gardening because of their disability.

So the Prudhoe Community Allotment was born and eventually preparations began on one of the very few level sites (we are situated on a hillside overlooking the River Tyne) where it was possible to provide vehicular access as well.

Five years of hard work followed with the support of BTCV, beginning with demolition of the existing derelict buildings, leveling of the site and laying drainage as the first steps. This was followed by removal of all the debris resulting from the work. At this point it was possible to install the front double iron gates, rear wooden gate and fencing.

The next step was erecting of the greenhouse, potting shed and toilet were erected – all with disabled access. Our own volunteers were then helped by BTCV members and volunteers to erect seven raised beds and create the pathways suitable for wheelchair users.

The final stage of building involved a local company laying a concrete base so that our volunteers could erect an 8ft x 8ft octagonal summerhouse on it.

Notable events in our history include: